My 95% success with patients has been made with removing “reactive” foods from their diets. The foods that are causing inflammation and in turn global and local symptoms which can be debilitating. My patient’s need’s range from general wellness to autoimmune and chronic disease. The root cause of so many illness is due to inflammation which can lead to autoimmune diseases.

As a child, I constantly struggled with stomach issues.  I was taken to different doctors, labs, therapy with no solution to the problem other than “it is stress related”.  As a teen, the stomach issues became more extreme which resulted in more inflammation which in turn provoked more symptoms and much more bathroom visits-stress? In adult hood, I was finally diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) with constipation and diarrhea.  I knew where every bathroom in the tri-county area was located.  Dating was no fun- out to eat then right to the bathroom. Still no solution.

Fast forward a few years where I had the opportunity to meet my biological mother.

She also suffered with GI challenges, only hers was to a greater degree- Crohn’s disease. She had been fighting this disease since the age of 19 when she was pregnant with me. Most of our visits were enjoyed in the bathroom.

Due to my personal GI challenges, along with my biological mother’s- I knew there had to be a solution. After being told countless times to follow my passion and the love of food, helping and teaching others I returned to school to become a

Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. I knew I could change lives through teaching others to eat the right foods for them (personalized nutrition), lessen symptoms, give enjoyment back to lives and provide hope. I lost my biological mother at the age of 54, before I went back to school to follow my passion of helping others with health challenges like hers and mine.


Look at the unique person you are and consider all your pain points while encompassing the whole person as well as your complete health history. No two people are the same therefore nutrition programs will differ from one to the other most times. You are not a diagnosis, you are a person. Getting to know you is most important and you feeling comfortable working with my skills and expertise to help you heal.