All Disease Begins in the Gut

“Are you sick of suffering from digestive challenges, autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, skin issues, or food sensitivities? Did you know that roughly 70% of our immune system lives in our GUT? I work side by side to take you on the path of healing with the right foods.”

Christi Buck
Registered & Licensed Holistic Nutritionist
Certified LEAP Therapist

You can heal! I can help you

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Could everyday foods be making you sick?

You might ask, "How can an apple, zucchini, or bean be making me sick? Isn’t it a healthy food?" Yes it is, however some of these “healthy” foods cause inflammation resulting in symptoms such as migraines, diarrhea, bloating, constipation, chronic pain, skin issues, heartburn, arthritis, joint pain, etc. There is a simple blood test that tests 170 foods/chemicals which tells you which foods work best for you.

          Diet & Lifestyle

          Functional approaches to resolving digestive complaints centers on what is known as the 5R Program, addressing the most common sources of dysfunction.

              About Christi

              I am not your typical Dietitian/Nutritionist

              I am a Functional and Integrative practitioner which means I address the whole person, spend the necessary time with you, follow a timeline of your health to better determine the root cause, and use the IFM 5-R Framework.

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              It's not an exaggeration to say that our digestive system is the foundation of health. Diet provides the energy and building blocks for everything required for life. Book a “Get Acquainted Session” to learn more about how I can help end your gut issues.